What are guns for paintball

What are guns for paintball

By Mario

Combat simulation games have always been popular among people, either old or young. Especially young boys dream to become one of the world’s top soldiers. Becoming an excellent soldier requires much training, experience, and not everyone is built for it. Other people, who are just not up to it, play paintball. They grab theirguns for paintball and shoot people on the battlefield. This game is very popular nowadays and it is played on all continents. Various themes give something different to the game. The final goal is to defeat the enemy and win the war.

Guns for paintball as equipment

Paintball is a game that requires much equipment to be used. You cannot play soldier without a gun, so a logical conclusion is that guns for paintball or the so-called marker is the most important equipment. The industry called paintball has many other sectors, like for paintball paint, for goggles, for pads and other equipment that is used by the players. The marker is actually a gas gun. The paintballs are inserted in a barrel. They are sent through the pipe of the marker by carbon dioxide or air, which must be compressed. When the gas is compressed, it has greater power and the ball travels a great distance until the target. It is constructed to be very light, because people do not want to carry around heavy things with them. The marker is usually made from aluminum and thus it is very light to use and carry around.

Types and prices of guns for paintball

While trying to make the game more interesting, game lovers gave suggestions for different types of guns for paintball. Machine guns, sniper guns were among them. Well of course, you cannot win a war without a sniper. These new markers have higher accuracy and are wanted by the players. In paintball parks and objects, you can rent the equipment as well, but someone has their own equipment. The marker manufacturers, besides these produce also other equipment like goggles, pants, soldier uniforms, hats, masks, knee and elbow protective pads and other equipment. However, because there are different types of markers like we previously mentioned, we must note that prices vary a lot. Manufacturers range their prices from $250 up to $1.100. It depends from what you ask for. Because of the great competition, manufacturers change their prices very quickly. So choose your favorite gun and wait for any promotions. I waited for a promotion on markers, and saved about $250.

Build your own sniper guns for paintball

However, if you are a tech savvy and well handy with tools, you can build your own sniper guns for paintball and thus save a lot of money on balls. In case you decide to build your own, we will tell you how to do it. First of all, you need to understand that the best marker sniper depends on the type of barrel used and the size of the balls. The type must not be too long and the balls must go through the barrel very easy when air blow is applied on them. The next thing is to find a good carbon dioxide container that releases equal amounts of gas. The other things like scope or some camouflage are easy to apply. There are many tutorials on the Internet, where you can get additional information about building your own sniper marker.

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