The paintball game and the paintball gear

Since it modest start in the 1980s, the paintball game, although a bit controversial when it comes to the concept of the game and the safety issues, has been constantly rising in popularity. Many people play the paintball game to relax from the everyday stress and spend some time with their friends in the outdoors. The paintball game is very exciting; it will surely increase the level of adrenaline in your body and will make you feel alive, vibrant and full of energy. The game is played using special paintball gear. Keep on reading to learn something new for the paintball.

Paintball gear- the paintball game

Before going into detail about the paintball gear, let us first give you few interesting information on the paintball game. The paintball game, although in somehow simpler form, was first played in the 1980s. Since its invention, the paintball has gone through several transformation to get the current form. The paintball game consists of strategically and tactical movements and manoeuvres with the purpose of killing the enemy (the members of the other team) and to survive the game. The concept of the game is simulation of a war, with the bullets made of dye. The game is very exciting and dynamic, players have to be good both in fast thinking and decision making and be skilful in moving around without being noticed. The paintball is a very popular game in the USA and in many countries of the world. Many people play paintball with their friends and even with their children. It is great alternative to the long hours spend in front of the TV or to the long hours spend playing games on the computer, precisely due to the excitement and the physical activities is involves.

Paintball gear- what do you need

As to the paintball gear, you probably know that the entire gear can be rented from paintball fields, so you do not need to bring anything with you. The gear needed to play paintball consists of paintball marker (which you probably know as paintball gun) which is used to shoot the paintballs; paintballs, which are actually gelatin capsules filled with dye. The dye is not dangerous for human’s health and it can be easily washed, since the dye is easily soluble in water. The last item you will need is a special costume, to protect your clothes from the paint, goggles or mask, which are also used for protection. Professional players use additional equipment, such as pods and pod packs, which are actually small containers used to store additional quantities of paintballs. Another additional piece of equipment is the squeegees and swabs. These are actually cleaning tools used to clean the inside of the paintball gun from excess dye which reduces the accuracy of the gun. Professional players also use elbow and knee pads, glover, athletic protectors etc.

Paintball gear- professional paintball players

As we already mentioned in the section referring to the paintball gear, there are professional paintball players. There are also tournaments, leagues and professional paintball championships which are played all around the world. Now you know it, if you are good in paintball, you can freely join the professional paintball teams.

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