The essential paintball equipment

Paintball is considered an extreme sport, meaning that is falls outside the category of traditional sports like basketball, football, and soccer. You can play on your own or as a team. Either way, the point is to use your paintball gun to tag the opposing players with a small plastic ball that is filled with paint. Once you hit them, the ball will explode and the player will have paint on his or her clothing, indicating they have been hit. The balls themselves are not necessarily made from paint like you would use to paint your house or even to use for art. They are really just filled with colored water that is non-toxic and biodegradable. The game has gotten pretty advanced in recent years, and there are leagues and tournaments all around the world. Some places have very elaborate courses set up that you can rent out. In some cases, paintball is used to try military forces, the police, and even paramilitary forces because it gives people the opportunity to experience battlefield conditions without the possibility of lethal friendly fire. Depending on which type of game you want to play, you can be involved in a paintball scenario for a few minutes or for a few days. Either way, you need a lot of paintball equipment to start playing. Here are a few things you will need to get started.

Headgear As Essential Paintball Equipment

The most basic piece of paintball equipment you need is the gun, or marker as the insiders call them. Like most things, you get what you pay for in a paintball marker. You need to pay at least four hundred dollars to get a quality gun because the cheaper ones are likely to have junk parts. A good gun will fire accurately more often than not. To get an accurate gun, you need to focus on the bolt and the barrel. The most accurate barrel is one that is made specifically for your gun, not one that was produced in bulk for any generic gun on the market. A good bolt is made from metal and not some composite material.

Paintball Equipment and Your Face

The next piece of essential paintball equipment you need is a mask. If you want to keep both of your eyes and avoid having welts on your face, it is worth investing in a quality mask. If you get a rigid mask, you will have fewer bruises, but you will also have to replace it more often because it will crack more easily. Be sure that it covers your ears and your chin in addition to your face and head.

Air Supply and Paintball Equipment

The final piece of paintball equipment you will need is an air compressor. This is what you use to actually propel the paintball. The cheapest thing to do is to by CO2 tanks. They are simple to use and affordable. You can also buy compressed air, but they cost more. The benefit is that they deliver more consistently in all weather conditions and will increase your chances of maintaining constant, high-powered fire.

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