Shopping with Skirmish Paintball Malaysia

Paintball falls under the category of extreme sports. Those are activities that fall outside of what most people traditionally consider sporting events. Whereas we generally refer to “sports” like basketball, soccer, and baseball, extreme sports refers more to things like skateboarding, snowboarding, and yes, paintball. There are a lot of different ways to play paintball. The most basic way for beginners is to just play elimination. In this instance, you are on your own and shoot everyone before they shoot you. If you get shot, you are out. Then there are missions like assassins, in which you have the objective of taking out one other person without them knowing while at the same time someone trying to take you out without you knowing. You could play bounty hunters, in which you are a fugitive and you are trying to take out guards. If you take out the guards or they do not take you out before a set amount of time, you win. But one of the most popular versions of the game is called capture the flag. Here two teams set up a base at opposite ends of a course and try to reach the opposing base. One paintball company called Skirmish has set up a franchise of these courses all across the world. Skirmish paintball Malaysia is one example how the company is expanding into new markets, especially in Asia.

Skirmish Paintball Malaysia and Equipment

Skirmish paintball Malaysia has been operating in that country for the past seven years. They offer pretty much all of the name brands and even exclusive brands that you could want. Whatever your interest is in the sport, they can meet your needs.

All That Skirmish Paintball Malaysia Offers

Skirmish paintball Malaysia has more than just paintball accessories. They also sell regular clothing like hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tank tops for the ladies. You can get luggage to cart around all your gear, or you can get paintball-themed backpacks. Of course, you can also get pretty much all the actual accessories you could imagine. They have goggles, markers, air systems so you can propel your gun, and all the camouflage you ever thought was possible. You can also buy loaders and hoppers to keep those paintballs flying.

Shopping Online Skirmish Paintball Malaysia

If you see something you like from Skirmish paintball Malaysia, you do not have to get on the next plane to Kuala Lumpur to visit the store. The online shop is set up really well and is very easy to use. There are literally fifty pages of just guns, so if you cannot find the one you like there, you probably will never find one you like. The prices are in the national currency, the Malaysian Ringgit, and there is no converter built into to the website, but that is not such a big deal. If you have questions, they make it easy to contact them with an online question form and email address that is easy to find.

They are our friendly competitors and we will always give you a better deal, so be sure to email us at for quotes to see what we can do for you :)

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