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Custom OEM Guns
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Custom OEM Guns
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0.68 caliber markers – Army style!

Two Kinds of Loading (Magazine loading & Hopper loading in the Same Marker)

Adapted to 90% Gas Tank Designs of Today

Easy Maintenance, no Repairing Tools required

Quick Switch for different Modules (no tools required)

Solid & Durable Modular in design

Easy Switch for Game, Training & Non-Lethal Weapon (just change Barrel Unit and Magazine set)

All kinds of Paintballs, Pepper Balls, Rubber balls, Powder Balls, Counterinsurgency can be used

Non-Lethal Weapon Sapphire Blue Labeling if required

Abundant Modular Accessories satisfied with Various Demands (Compatible with 90% of Other Marker Accessories)

0.68 Caliber & using hopper

CO2 or Compressed Air – remote or tank hidden in butt stock 3.

Semiautomatic Action 4. Fit 90% scopes and red dots of real guns 5.

Upside Cocking

Precision CNC Machines
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Contact via email for pricing and further information