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Product section – Wholesale OnlyThis section shows all the products that we carry which are sourced factory direct. Most of the factories are in Asia and there are some in USA. Our extensive network of factories and multi-lingual staff ensure that you get the very best price for the very best quality product.We can custom make any CNC part and any item that you require. If you don’t see it here, let us know, we can get it for you.
We carry ALL brands. Certain items are bulk orders only with minimum orders. Samples can be provided at a special cost and shipping must be borne by the ordering customer.Payment accepted currently is only wire TT transfer. PayPal will be available very soon. Sorry, no credit cards accepted at this time.We ship anywhere in the world via air or sea freight
Product list:* Chest and neck protectors – bulk orders only (minimum order 100 pieces)* Masks – any brand (VForce, Dye, Vents, JT, etc)* Reballs – reusable rubber balls – comes in cases of 500 balls* All brands; SmartParts, Kingman, Dye, Proto, WDP, WGP, Bob Long, Tippmann, BT Paintball
*Regulators3000 psi and 4500 psi – bulk orders only (minimum order 50 pieces)
*C02 on/off valvesno plastic parts, fill high grade aluminium parts – bulk orders only (minimum order 100 pieces)
*Barrel socksneoprene and other material – bulk orders only (minimum order 100 pieces)
*Plastic Hoppersbulk orders only (minimum order 200 pieces)
*RAPReal Action Paintball markers and RAM guns used for scenario games and Police/Army/SWAT training. These use 0.43 caliber paintballs.
*0.43 Alloy CasingsFor RAM and RAP4 guns
*Speed feedlatest revolution in hopper lids. recommended and used by the Pros
*Pods140 round pods (minimum order 500 pieces)
*M16 collapsible stock for Tippmann guns
*The green boltIon Flow Bolt for Smart Parts Ion markers
*Desert SP8Full range of SP8 markers and accessories
*BipodTippmann and BT markers
*Barrel ShroudTippmann and BT markers
*c02 tanks9oz, 12oz, 20oz and butt stock tanks available (minimum order 200 pieces)USA DOT approval and European PI certificate ready
*Compressed air tanks 47cu 3000psi compressed air bottle – aluminiumUSA DOT approval and European PI certificate ready
*Scuba fill stations bulk orders only (minimum order 50 pieces)
*Harnessescustom made to your specifications – bulk orders only (minimum order 100 pieces)
*Electronic Hoppers (Halo)
*PaintballsOEM and all brands. 0.68 and 0.43 available
*Electronic boardsTadao and Virtue boards
*Burst disks1.8k, 3k, 5k and 7.5k (minium order 100 pieces)
*M16 BarrelFor Tippmann and BT guns
*RAM Sig 220 Pistolshoots 0.43 paintballs with c02 cartridge in buttstock
*Ion triggers
*Ion triggers
*Ion Feednecks
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