Paintball movie and paintball game

The paintball game is rather recent social game, that is, sport, but it is surely very popular. For some, the paintball is great way to spend a Sunday morning, while for others, the paintball has grown to be much more than a pastime, it is way of life. Due to its popularity, the paintball game, due to its “war-like“ features, has been an interesting subject for many movie makers who have produced very interesting pieces of paintball movie.

Paintball movie- the reality of the paintball game

Before presenting you the most popular paintball movie, we would like to explain you the basic principles of the paintball game. The paintball game is a strategic game played by both, individuals and groups of players. The objective of the game is to eliminate all the members of the other team (the enemies) by shooting them down using a paintball gun and paintballs. As you probably know, such paintballs are filled with die and are not dangerous for the health of the players. The paintball game is played on a specially designed field, equipped with special obstacles, hiding places and trails. The game is very exciting. The paintball game can be played both, professionally and simply for fun and relaxation. Many families spend weekends playing paintball (there are specially equipped paintball fields for children) and the game is excellent for relieving the stress and getting some physical exercises, because you need to run around and hide. However, some people take the paintball much more seriously and there are even competitions, leagues, tournaments and professional paintball teams, which play paintball on national and international level.

Paintball movie- paintball as training exercise

For some people, the paintball is not just a game or relaxing sport. Many military and unfortunately, illegal and paramilitary organizations, practice and train their skills by playing paintball. The concept of the game is excellent to train soldiers and improve their strategy and tactical skills. The concept of the game is to eliminate the enemy and simply survive the game, and therefore the game can be used as small-scale war simulation. As we already mentioned, in many occasions it has been established that many illegal military organizations have used the paintball game as training module.

The paintball movie- short synopsis

The paintball game has served for inspiration for making several paintball movies. The most popular paintball movie was released in 2009. The director has based his story on the paintball game. Namely, a group of young people who live in major cities and who are constantly working seek for an adventure in their lives. That is why they register for a trip, an adventure in the woods. They receive paintball equipment and the objective of the game is to manage their way outside the woods and survive throughout the weekend. However, the things go wrong when the game turns into reality and when somebody in the woods is using real guns and bullets. We hope that this story looks interesting to you, so we recommend to see the movie so you the end of the movie.

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