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Paintball Gun


Why do people like to call paintball guns markers? It is because paintball guns were used to initially mark trees and cattle. Mark meaning that once the paintball broke on an animal or tree it left a paint mark. Then people got crazy and thought that a paintball gun was a real gun – you know how boys and their toys are. They want to be like they are in the army. They want to pretend. They want an m16 blah blah blah.paintball gun

So then the paintball equipment took after military and police guns. Then police approval became a problem so it is now best to call them paintball markers as there are a lot of people out there who get the wrong idea if you mention the word paintball “gun”.

I much prefer to call them paintball markers. It sounds “proper” and┬ásafer so spread the word on that. Tell all your friends and players that the correct terminology is paintball markers not paintball guns.

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