Paintball game scenarios

Paintball is the perfect sport for adventurists who don’t like spending their free days in front of the TV. In this sport, teams or individuals are armed with special air guns which shoot ammunition filled with paint; and they compete against each other by shooting in a competition with elimination style. If your opponent shoots you – you’re out of the paintball game. This is a popular sport because it’s creative and lives room for innovative events with different scenarios which are the reason why paintball can never be boring. Two teams competing in the scenario of straight Capture the Flag is not interesting anymore if you played it a few times, so in this article we’ll give you some ideas on how to spice up this game and make it even more fun.

Paintball game scenario: Traitor 

Traitor is an interesting elimination paintball game in which two teams that are equally divided enter the area for playing and battle until the captain of one teams gets eliminated. Before the starting of the game, each of the payers draws a card. There are only two face cards among the cards: a jack and a king; and the rest are just randomly numbered cards. Nobody should show their card or tell what they have, except for the king, who will be the captain and gets a special armband or different identifying mark. The second team repeats the same process. All of the players return the cards to the pile without saying or showing what they’ve drawn. The team member who drew a jack is the traitor in the game – a secret agent who works for the other team and has a job of remaining undiscovered while he gets close to the king. Once the conditions of the game are clear, like the percentage of elimination, the traitor should yell “I’m a traitor!” and start playing for the opposite team right away.

Blackjack paintball game

The scenario of Blackjack paintball game resembles of the original “capture the flag” game. The two teams are equally divided and they start at two opposite games of the course, at the flag station appointed to them. The object of the game is for the team to capture the opposite flag and return it to their own flag station before the members of the opponent team manage to do the same. If someone shoots you during the game, you’re immediately eliminated. This looks like the original Capture the Flag, but in the Blackjack scenario each of the players is limited with 21 paintballs during the game (that’s where the name comes from).

Bunny hunt paintball game

The paintball game is very fun when it’s played according to the Bunny Hunt scenario. In this variation of paintball, one group of players should hunt a single player (the bunny), who gets a head start of five minutes into a wooded area of playing; and he is allowed to play with a semi-automatic paint weapon and a shield. The hunters begin to hunt together at the same time from the same point, when they hear a loud whistle. Each of the hunters has a limitation of twenty paintballs, and there is a time limit of twenty minutes before the end of the “hunting season”. The object of the game is eliminating the bunny if you are a player that hunts, and surviving if you are the bunny player. The hunter is out if he’s shot by the bunny or if he runs out of ammunition. The hits on the shield of the bunny don’t count.

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