How to choose paintball guns

Paintball is one of most popular adventure sports in the entire world, so there is no need of describing the rules of the game in this article. But let’s write a simple definition for the novice: it is a team sport which is played within scenarios of war games and military style. Paintball guns are quite popular among the enthusiasts of this game. You can find many types of this sports requisite available on the market, but buying your own paintball gun is a big step, so make sure that you are informed before your final decision. We will help you get informed with this article.

Determining a budget for paintball guns

Before you start looking at different paintball guns and fall in love with the one you can’t exactly afford, determine your budget and keep in mind that you will possibly need to buy different gear. The paintball gun can have a price of $150 for simpler models, but it can reach over $800 for the types that are more advanced. See what we meant when we said that purchasing your own gun for paintball is a big decision? You’ll need to spend a reasonable amount of money for a pleasure like this. Some paint guns, like semi-auto or auto paintball weapons use more CO2 than the rest of the models, and shoot more paintballs. This feature also affects the cost of your own weapon. If you don’t play paintball so often, the gun is not a necessity because you can always play with rented or borrowed guns.

Reviews of paintball guns

If you decided that you want to have your own paintball weapon after all, start asking the enthusiast you meet at paintball facilities and fields what they dislike and like about their paintball guns. Gather as much information as you can. Checkout some different reviews for paint guns on Internet. There are web communities of paintball enthusiasts where they write about the guns. Ask questions about the specific models you are interested in, or anything else related to the game. These people are professionals whose advice will help you a lot.

Choosing paintball guns

After you have the information you need and you’ve done your research on paintball guns, you should evaluate your personal needs as a player. First of all, decide whether you want a quick changer for cartridges of CO2, or consistent air for the CO2 tank featured in the gun. The constant air will last longer, but you will need a place where you’ll fill it up. The cartridges will run out after 20-30 shots, but you can always stock up on them. After that decision is made, think about the type and size of the loader you want. The bigger loader will hold more paintballs, but it will be heavier and more difficult to be carried. The length of barrel is also important, because the longer barrel is usually more accurate, but it has higher weight and it’s more awkward to be used. The rifled barrel will cost you more money, but it will be more accurate.

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