High Pressure Air – Fill stations from a bulk tank

Another way to save money on compressed air is to get a 5000 psi bulk tank and one of these HPA fill stations.

They are similar to a scuba fill station but instead they screw onto a big bulk tank.

This way you are sure to get 4500psi fills fast. You screw it on and then put your paintball tank on the female connector.

Turn on the air and stop when it reaches 4500psi (if you have a 3000psi rated tank, stop a 3000 psi) then turn air off and press the bleed button and remove tank. Voila!

You would still need a compressor to fill the bulk tank up or you could get your friendly gas supplier to exchange empty tanks for full tanks.

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hpa fill station

Did you know paintballs are getting smaller? 0.679 bores are quite popular these days!

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