Compressed air refills – Scuba fill stations

This is a cheap and easy way to fill your tanks from scuba tanks.  This is good for a team who wants to setup their own fields anywhere and as they please or fields just starting out and don’t want to invest in a compressor.

What you can use is a scuba fill station which is an adapter. You screw it onto a scuba tank and then you put your paintball tank onto the female attachment. Then you turn on the air from the scuba side and fill her up. Finally you bleed it by releasing a knob on the side of the scuba fill station (turn off the scuba tank first) and then you can remove your paintball tank.

Take note that you can only fill up to 3000 psi and the pressure drops quite fast so it’s best to have 3 to 5 scuba tanks and use the one with the highest pressure to top off each tank. Start with the lowest pressure and move up. That way you won’t drain all the tanks of the air right away.


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