Best paintball marker

Best paintball marker

by Filip

Paintball is a great way to spend your free time. It is far from being a cheap hobby; however the amount of fun and exercise that is possible to receive from a match of paintball definitely makes it worth your while. There are all kinds of different paintball scenarios where you can either play alone or in a team against other teams. Team death matches are probably the most popular matches in paintball as they are the easiest to understand and it is the first kind of paintball games all rookies experience at first. For more advanced paintball players, a popular match type is the capture the flag, which is somewhat more complicated and there are some rules that need to be taken, like not shooting your paintball marker anywhere near the flag itself and while it’s being taken and a couple of more.

What’s a paintball marker?

A paintball marker is a gun, better known as the paintball gun, which uses compressed air or carbon dioxide to shoot paintballs. This is a very efficient kind of gun that can shoot paintballs in success and up to 50 meters. A general downside of all the cheaper models is the fact that they use a vertical loading mechanism, which means you need to hold the gun vertically while shooting to enable the balls to reach the release mechanism. This can sometimes represent a problem, especially on some stealth runs where you need to hide all the time, and revealing the gun usually jeopardizes the whole attempt. Initially, these guns were being painted in reflective silver, which were really easy to spot, especially on open fields and on sunny days, so today you can find all kind of different guns you can use for your games. The matte black ones are probably the best choice and are definitely better than the shiny ones, as they do give you that extra degree of stealth.

High quality paintball marker

For professional or competitive means, getting a high quality paintball marker is important if you would like to be competitive. Usually, the biggest pro of professional paintball equipment means that you will have a more versatile marker which you will be able to use just as a regular gun. Other than that, the paintball container is much larger which means you will be able to stay longer in a match. Also, the firing power of more expensive markers is drastically improved, as well as the precision of the rifles themselves. For competitive use, this probably has the biggest impact on the game itself. Truth be told, the amateur rifles are quite random at their shots and it is difficult to align it properly to fire two identical ones. With the professional equipment, this is possible.

You can buy a paintball marker online

Thankfully, the online paintball community has grown significantly in the last couple of years. Because of this, finding a proper paintball marker is easy. This will make you spend less money for a high quality product.

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