About Us

This is a website about my experience in the paintball industry. I have been successful in setting up and supplying fields throughout the world and would be very happy and honored to help you setup your profitable paintball field!

For existing field owners, we provide all equipment such as paintballs, OEM paintballs (with your own brand), all c02 and hpa tanks, masks, all brands of markers and everything and anything you might need for your paintball field.

I work directly with the factories in the US, China, Taiwan and Korea. I have access to all brands that you might want to carry. My personal guarantee to you is that I will get you the best quality at the best possible price.

If you need help setting up your field, I am available for consultation. Personally my group of companies owns more than 5 fields throughout the world and I have supplied to many fields throughout the world.

Have a look through this website and let me know anything you might need. We cover everything from Paintball to Airsoft. Soft and hard goods too.

Onward to success!

Matthew N


Paintball United